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About Levelek lake

Manager: Municipal HE. Water type: closing dam. Reservoir. Area 250 ha

Average depth: approx. 2 m, not muddy Vegetation: coastal reed, little seaweed.
Fish: carp, perch, pike, catfish, goldfish, bream, grass carp Records: 19.6 kg pike.
Rules: OHR, only from pier, and fishing is allowed only from the coast.
Fishing period: nk-nny. Allowed amount: under construction. Using boat: only authorized for the purpose of feeding.

Ticket price: 1500 HUF


Ticket can be bought:  from the fish watcher, the taverns and the beach.

Like many of the Nyírség reservoir, the county seat is a stone's throw away or two. The lake was created in 1976 and tended to fix out inland inundation. Its water is from the canal Lónyai.
About two feet around, maybe a bit less than the average depth of some 3-4 meters deep, a hole can be found. The bottom is not muddy but steadily clear. The water breaks the surface into two islands. The bed is gradually deepen from the coast in most places, which makes it easy to walk into the lake. Twenty year life of the reservoir can be said almost monotonous, since - thankfully - never dried up, there was no fish-mortality.
Fishing is only allowed from the pier because of the protection of the coast and reed. There is also a designated coast section for the fishers with daily tickets, which will be expanded in the future.
Fish: all the important fish could be found in lake, although the number of grass carps are in rarefaction its presence is so-called minimal. The busy spring coastal water evidences the presence of silver crucian carp and bream.
Carp is the mostly wanted in this area. Bigger fish are deeper but they are almost impossible to catch because the ban on boats. The prime target is the pike.
Pike fishing: Arriving to the lake a bald coast side and empty beach welcomes the visitors. Going to northward it is obvious why people choose to spend a nice, sunny weekday afternoon with pike fishing.

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